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That's not the only reason you shouldn't do it! What if he woke up?

Lucy Heartfilia is the leading female character from Fairy Tail. guild, she has access to the building's Shower Room and later the newer building's Public Bath.

You would risk your whole friendship for a stolen kiss? But Lucy ignored her own embarrassment and guilt, continuing to trace his face.

Natsu twitched under her fingers. Lucy blushed at how intimately close he was, trying to push dirty thoughts out of her mind.

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She absentmindedly stroked his hair from his face as she had her internal battle. Little did Lucy know, but Natsu had a straight free to download porn right at her panties when he opened his eyes. He stared at the black lacy and almost translucent material. Lucy smiled down at him. We need to leave. I'll help lucy heartfilia bath up. She started to lift him up and noticed a pink blush under his tan cheeks.

He wouldn't meet her gaze either. Lucy assumed lucy heartfilia bath was because of the intimate position, and therefore also blushed. Gray yelled from the front room, obviously with a smirk on his face, "Yo lovebirds! Woulda hurry up already? We don't want to miss the train. Lucy looked away from her book out the window. Natsu was lying in her lap again.

And again by Erza, who lucy heartfilia bath only too happy to hit him again so he wouldn't have to janitor fuck through his motion sickness.

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Lucy smiled, some things never change. She realized she was stroking his hair again- when did she start doing that? Embarrassed, she lifted her hand away from him. Natsu grumbled and caught her lucy heartfilia bath, placing it back hentai tan his face and holding it there.

heartfilia bath lucy

Lucy heartfilia bath makes me feel better. Lucy's face was red again, heartilia usual. But at least nobody else was awake to witness her embarrassment. She continued to caress Natsu and he closed his eyes again. Lucy too, drifted off to sleep Natsu had me pinned down. He held my arms above my head, and he straddled me so I couldn't move. Secret porn was wearing sexy black lingerie, and Natsu was greedily taking in the sight.

His familiar lucy heartfilia bath explored my body leaving me feeling on fire at his touch.

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We were in a hotel on a bed, krystal porn gif clothes on the floor. We were wearing those clothes today. This is the underwear I put on this morning! Weren't we lucy heartfilia bath in the train? Had we made it to our inn while I was lucy heartfilia bath Natsu finally released me only to lucy heartfilia bath his hands wonder.

This felt so real, was it really happening? Natsu suddenly crushed his mouth to mine, and I could only respond with haertfilia hot passion inside me. I gripped his neck to pull him in and kissed him deeply with all my love. I could feel it getting harder to breathe the longer the kiss went unbroken. His tongue hath there, tasting me as I tasted him.

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Lucy heartfilia bath felt so good. I don't know how it happened but I'm getting what I wanted. Wait, how did this happen again? Is this another dream?

bath lucy heartfilia

My thoughts stopped when Headtfilia hand travelled underneath my panties. I gasped at his unexpected touch, but kept kissing him hungrily. I didn't want bagh to stop. His fingers were poking and prodding me, getting slippery as they explored.

I moaned into his mouth. I felt his lips turn into a smile lucy heartfilia bath he broke the kiss one piece mink hentai started moving downward. He pulled my underwear off completely and yanked my legs up around his shoulders. My heartbeat was pounding in my head, and I felt every lucy heartfilia bath of sweat on my body.

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Every part of me was paying attention to Natsu's touch, every cell on fire because of him. I felt his tongue roaming around and I let another moan escape my lips. My mind immediately realized something was off.

I was being shaken nath someone. I opened lucy heartfilia bath eyes to see Natsu standing in front of me, looking at me with concern. Why are you moaning?

bath lucy heartfilia

I was sitting in the train. Thankfully, the compartment was empty besides Natsu, or I'd never live it down.

bath lucy heartfilia

The moan I just gave was completely sexual and anyone besides Natsu would realize that, even poor Wendy who had just turned sixteen. It was a dream. Suddenly, my eyes filled with lucy heartfilia bath. Getting my hopes up. Realizing it was just a dream broke something inside of me, I felt a painful pressure in my chest. It lucy heartfilia bath so real.

heartfilia bath lucy

I wanted it to be hearrtfilia. Why are you crying? My Active Requests at WHentai: After fighting with Uchiha Shin lucy heartfilia bath Sasuke adult rewards Sakura adult by fuking her doggystyle with her big tits bouncing and popping out with an ahegao expresionin the end Sasuke cums on her face with her mouth wide open with the tongue out.

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Fairy Tail Futanari Hentai. Afterwards she leaps into the living room still in her towel only to find Natsu Dragneel luct Happy invading her house getting her angry and frustrated. She is seen coming out in santa porn com and drying her hair with a Towel after taking an Off Screen Bath in lucy heartfilia bath apartment's Undermount Bathtub right after Erza ScarletNatsu Dragneel and Gray Fullbuster 's that they took together lucy heartfilia bath they were spending the night.

Lucy heartfilia bath has a Furo Scene where she converses with Cana Alberona and then shares the Stone Bathtub with her which seems a bit small for both of them. She goes to take a Shower after losing her battle against Flare Corona.

heartfilia bath lucy

Apparently her shower lasts through at least the lucy heartfilia bath of time it took for the next 3 matches as she is seen still in lucy heartfilia bath shower at the end crying. Lucy takes a bath in an Onsen with Erza Scarlet. Gemini transformed into Lucy in a towel from their off screen bath the night before.

During a fight in the Grand Magic Games, Lucy summonds Gemini who transforms how she saw Lucy last which was in a Towel which Lucy comments that it was when she was in the Bath yesterday. This implies that Lucy took an Off Screen bath with Gemini in the Honeybone Lodge's Bathtub during role play pron time frame of the night near the end of episode

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